About the Author

About the Author

A Day At the Waterhole Children's Book by James Marck Chris White
About the Author

James Marck

James Marck was a journalist, author, artist, and musician. He was a devoted husband, brother, uncle and friend to many. James was a kind, and gentle person, with a huge heart. James wrote this story in 1993 for his good pal, Daniel Perdic, my son.

How This Book Came to Life

Carol Perdic came across James’ original hand-written story in her archives and after re-reading it nearly 30 years later, felt the message of friendship, collaboration, and harmony was even more relevant today and worthy of getting into the hands of young readers. Carol had a vision of getting this story told and had the good fortune of meeting a new friend, Chris White.

About the Illustrator

Chris White

Chris White is a talented illustrator and artist who has a passion for drawing, sketching, writing, and creating. Chris said he always wanted to illustrate a children’s story. After reading A Day at The Waterhole, his dream came true. Chris’ hand drawn, colourful, vibrant works of art will surprise and delight readers of any age. Chris guarantees that no animals were harmed during the creation of this book, except for the frogs, and they were delicious!

About the Editor

Sandy White

With special thanks to Sandy White, our editor. Sandy has been involved with book publishing, selling and marketing for over 50 years. Sandy generously devoted her time, energy and expertise editing this book.